Sonoris Dither VST

Sonoris Dither VST 1.0

A plugin tool for audio mastering purposes

Sonoris Dither VST is a useful and high quality plugin tool that can be used for different mastering purposes. This program lets you quantize audio to a lower bit-depth with dither and or noise-shaping in VST format.

Sonoris Dither VST supports different platforms such as Windows NT, 2000 and XP. The dither-type is also selectable between TPDF and High Pass (HP) TPDF.

TPDF or Triangular Probability Densitity Function is a form of dither that eliminates non-linear distortion during re-quantization that has no signal modulation artifacts.

The noise-shaping can be set to three different flavors namely Curve A, Curve B, Curve C and Off. It is also possible to set noise-shaping without dither.

The program’s output bit-depth can be set to 16 and 20 bit or Off for no quantization. Sonoris Dither VST is an ideal program for audio editors or other professionals who want to create high quality products for different audio mastering purposes.

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Sonoris Dither VST


Sonoris Dither VST 1.0

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